Branding Yourself

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we take a look at what it means to brand yourself. We discuss how you can create a personal brand, the relationship your brand has to the product it represents, and we present some helpful ways to put these lessons into effect. 

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Episode Guide: 

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:12]

  • Show Overview [0:59]

  • Branding yourself [2:43]

  • Brandon Pugglesworth [3:11]

  • What is branding? [3:24]

  • If I don’t tell you what you’re looking at, do you know who did it? [4:19]

  • The best brands, I don’t have to tell you who it is [5:02]

  • Every part can’t be a lead [7:42]

  • The more people you put in your band, the more simple everybody’s parts have to be [7:58]

  • Nickelback is easy to hate, but they still sell out arenas [9:33]

  • Your product or your experience is going to end up defining branding your image, not the other way around [10:54]

  • What’s the point of branding? [12:22]

  • Branding is important because you are trying to build trust with your audience [12:35]

  • What is the fastest way for someone to know, “Oh, I know I trust this brand” [14:07]

  • In a word, it boils down to trust [14:28]

  • When you create trust in your audience, you don’t have to reestablish it every time you do something new [14:37]

  • The 20 minute rule [15:21]

  • “He and his team have branded him so effectively that you actually second guess your own opinion because you trust that that brand is correct over your opinion of what he is putting out” [16:29]

  • How would one go about branding themselves? [17:00]

  • The more songs you write, the more you find out who you are as a group [17:39]

  • Keep it simple when it comes to branding [19:56]

  • It doesn’t really matter what it is, so long as it’s always the same thing [22:47]

  • You want people to see you and be like, “Is that that dude or chick from XYZ band?” [23:57]

  • Blink-182 and simplicity [26:19]

  • If you’re not the face of your band, don’t waste your time being butt hurt about that [28:18]

  • Don’t have an ego [28:49]

  • Singles are king [31:24]

  • As long as you have a plan, you can change the approach and the sound as much as you want [34:01]

  • Any time is a good time to experiment as an artist [34:15]

  • We celebrate actors that are capable of embracing so many different roles  [39:35]

  • Your band can play a character within your brand per release [42:02]

  • Your product defines your branding, not the other way around [43:46]

  • Outro [44:17]


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