Content Distribution and How The Model Has Changed

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we discuss some of the major changes in content distribution that have occurred within the last decade. We present some compelling arguments for why you should never press CDs, explore how to create value for your audience at no cost to you, and look at some content release strategies to maximize your returns and, ultimately, grow your brand. Please enjoy this episode of the Music Stuff Show: Content distribution and how the model has changed.  

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Episode Overview [0:54]

  • Space Jam Website [1:46]

  • Content Distribution and how the model has changed [3:06]

  • CDs are work [4:52]

  • The shrink wrap is going to stay on that record [6:33]

  • The motive that someone buys a cd is not because they care about your cd. They care about supporting an artist. [7:01]

  • A t-shirt is a walking billboard [7:34]

  • Add value that costs you nothing [9:22]

  • The way you create a viable business is to maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses wherever possible [9:59]

  • You don’t need to be worried about downloading, you just need to be worried about streaming [10:57]

  • The music is just your entry [13:30]

  • Be more than just a song: you’re an experience [14:13]

  • “Rock is my bread and butter, it’s in my heart. It’s just not alive right now” [14:59]

  • While everybody else is worried about whoever producing whatever and making sure every little thing is perfect, Future has already put out 3 records this year [15:54]

  • If you drop one song that’s amazing: NO ONE CARES [18:00]

  • People have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day  [18:41]

  • If the well runs dry, somebody’s gonna get water somewhere else [20:47]

  • If people aren’t talking about you already, these things aren’t worthwhile [22:46]

  • If you’re putting out a song, why doesn’t it have a music video? [23:23]

  • Your songs aren’t good enough [24:11]

  • Would you listen to your song if you weren’t on it? [25:20]

  • Consistent. Quality. Product. [26:56]

  • Vinyl still works [28:19]

  • Albums are art [31:06]

  • “This is a re-engagement of this material that I love” [32:09]

  • Blink-182 vinyl story [32:30]

  • “You want the Vance Fite of your music” [33:46]

  • Now you have some more data to expand your business and grow your revenue [35:46]

  • Preorders and pumping it ahead of time are your best friend when you are trying to spend your money wisely [37:01]

  • You don’t really need money [38:56]

  • Don’t just do things to do things unless it’s creating music [40:09]

  • Wrap up [40:49]

  • Be good at what you do, and do it often [42:18]


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