Cultivating A Community

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we discuss what it takes to create and maintain a community in the business of music. We look at ways to create relationships, examine why not being the best fit isn’t always a bad thing, and show you how to use your influence to improve those around you.

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Episode Guide: 

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:09]

  • Episode overview [0:56]

  • Squirrel trees [2:17]

  • Cultivating a music community [3:16]

  • Musicians vs Actors [4:57]

  • As long as you're pushing yourself, there's never going to come a day where the world stops and says, "We wrote all the songs." [5:57]

  • There is always space for great music [6:34]

  • You should want your friends to succeed in the music community [6:48]

  • If you don't get that job, it probably, ultimately for the best because it means you weren't the most suited for it [7:59]

  • In the music world, if you don't get the gig, you're still available for another gig [8:17]

  • Failures are what help us grow [8:58]

  • You're competing for a part of the pie [10:23]

  • 90% of whether or not you'll get a job touring as a musician is whether or not you're the best hang that applied [12:13]

  • Being able to play your instrument competently and cover the parts that are required of you and have a good attitude is really all it takes [14:47]

  • It doesn't do anything to improve the community that you love [15:57]

  • You gotta find like minded folks [17:17]

  • Find places that align with your brand of music [19:53]

  • You gotta be proactive about being homies with other artists and bands [23:46]

  • Manchester Orchestra [25:31]

  • If you move to a town to build a career, find a group that you identify with and go to the places they might be [28:40]

  • Don't go out to a show to network [29:45]

  • People gravitate towards like minded people [32:12]

  • Genuine connections combined with constantly always trying to provide value to other people without expectation [33:04]

  • Sincere relationships are the long play [33:43]

  • You will lose so much more than you will gain by trying to finagle something [35:56]

  • Don't be scared to mentor somebody you see potential in [38:52]

  • Take the opportunity to make your community better [40:18]

  • There are few things more gratifying in a community of music than making it with your friends [41:18]

  • Your specific musical community will always revert to the lowest common denominator [42:47]

  • Be tactful and intelligent about who you include in your community [43:39]

  • Outro [45:51]


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