Define Your Goals

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we discuss the importance of setting goals. We examine the benefits of quantifying what you want to achieve, why you should never work for free, and we give some concrete examples of how you can set and meet your own milestones and build the career you desire. Please enjoy this episode of the Music Stuff Show: Define Your Goals.

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  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsors [0:12]

  • Episode Overview [0:54]

  • Hippo sweat [1:49]

  • Goooooooooals [3:10]

  • Fubo Cháves [3:22]

  • Whatever you do, you gotta set goals [4:11]

  • If you’re a band, you need to all be on the same page [6:17]

  • Establish a common understanding [6:56]

  • If you don’t actually know what you’re trying to get to, you can’t get any closer [7:43]

  • Make sure you’re heading in the right directing and that you’re making progress [9:09]

  • By knowing what the goal is, it allows you to ask the right questions [10:22]

  • People want to see other people succeed [10:53]

  • Having a quantifiable goal will help eliminate distraction [11:18]

  • You got bills to pay [12:39]

  • Don’t ever, ever play for free. Never. [13:56]

  • You’re hurting the community that you work in [14:05]

  • You have to be the one to dictate that it does have financial value [15:00]

  • Chase Jarvis [15:45]

  • Value your time more than the vanity [16:56]

  • Sometimes you just gotta walk away [17:07]

  • If you’re the that’s person screwing it up for the rest of us: no one’s going to let you in [19:29]

  • Goals can change [20:18]

  • A goal’s not real if it doesn’t have a date [20:52]

  • Make it seem so stupid easy that a monkey could achieve this [22:30]

  • It’s a good idea to have a big, scary goal you may not hit [23:43]

  • Everybody’s a 10-year overnight success [26:13]

  • It becomes less daunting when you break it down [27:18]

  • Make 100 beats this year [28:38]

  • Your workflow is gonna be so freaking gangster next year [28:43]

  • You have now created systems for success without even trying to [30:09]

  • You have to stay with it even when it sucks [32:25]

  • If you can only write intoxicated, high… you’re not really a songwriter. You’re a person that gets lucky [33:43]

  • It doesn’t happen by accident [34:32]

  • Write cause you love to write. Write because you love to tell a story [36:32]

  • Send Tom & Vance your goals [37:32]

  • A 100 of anything a year is good [38:51]

  • If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop [40:22]

  • Outro [40:37]

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