How To Build An Audience

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we discuss growing the fanbase for your business. We look at what attracts others to your product, how to create something worth people’s attention, and we examine ways to improve your relationships across the board. 

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:12]

  • Episode Overview [0:59]

  • Tigers [2:23]

  • The Rock [6:49]

  • How to build an audience [10:03]

  • There’s nothing for an audience to follow [11:33]

  • If you aren’t putting out music, there’s nothing for people to be a fan of [11:58]

  • More of The Rock [12:07]

  • Make music, hit publish [13:30]

  • You need to be putting music out regularly [13:50]

  • Skateboarding [14:51]

  • They’re not scared to show you when the fail [15:37]

  • You have to connect the want to the do [16:29]

  • If you want to be an actor: are you acting? [17:15]

  • If you’re not making music, then you don’t want to be a musician [17:39]

  • Nobody owes you their attention [18:34]

  • If it’s not a banger, that’s ok. It’s still part of the process [18:57]

  • It’s about making connections with people [19:38]

  • Think of it as building relationships with people through your music [19:54]

  • What’s your budget? [21:38]

  • What scene can you be the soundtrack for? [23:55]

  • You’ve gotta be the one to instigate [27:28]

  • The think that’s closing the audience is the music [32:47]

  • Treat marketing like dating a girl you like [33:58]

  • Add positivity, not hate [35:58]

  • Learn to love the hate [39:51]

  • Putting it in front of more people doesn’t make more people like it [52:22]

  • Scaling [52:56]

  • Wanting to have a million dollars is way different than wanting to earn a million dollars [56:10]

  • Outro [57:03]


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