How To Get Started As A Producer

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we look at how you can create a career as a producer in the music business. We look at the role a producer plays, discuss what the job title really means, and examine some steps you can take to build the career that you want.  

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:12]

  • Episode Overview [0:59]

  • Never second guess yourself [2:44]

  • How to get started as a music producer [2:53]

  • The sweetest revenge is just destroying life after high school [5:10]

  • You are there to bring out all the potential the song has [8:13]

  • Make the song the best version it can be by being the leader [8:21]

  • It takes a specific type of mind to be able to pick apart your own creative work and separate yourself enough to make objective decisions about the final product [11:17]

  • Not everybody can be a producer [11:34]

  • Figure out what it is you want to make and start making it [12:58]

  • If you don’t know what to do with four buttons on your phone, what could you possibly know how to do with $100,000 worth of gear and a wall of knobs [14:56]

  • The hardest part is figuring out the right question to ask [18:11]

  • Your ears are your most important tool [18:57]

  • If you do want to produce, you will be greatly benefited if you play an instrument [26:40]

  • It’s really difficult if you don’t speak the language [27:14]

  • An idea is worthless if you can’t make it a reality [27:51

  • You want efficiency, not because you’re uptight. Efficiency is awesome because then you can just walk in and create. [33:01]

  • You gotta keep people hyped. You’ve gotta keep people’s eye on the end goal of, “This is gonna be an incredible song!” [40:19]

  • You don’t have to get hung up on the things that aren’t perfect because there’s going to be plenty of things that aren’t perfect [46:06]

  • The most important thing you can have is content to showcase your skills [47:12]

  • Take it a day at a time, take it a step at a time and get incrementally better each and every time [49:48]

  • Show up to get 1% better every day [49:56]

  • Outro [50:12]


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