How To Start From Zero

This week, we talk about how to start your career in music, right out of the gate. We examine the importance of choosing a skill you want to pursue, take a look at how to beat that initial creative block, and we discuss the positive impact of establishing a workflow for yourself, early-on. 

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:09]

  • Episode Overview [0:55]

  • Monopoly Money [2:32]

  • How to start from zero [3:56]

  • Step 1: Cultivate a skill [5:46]

  • Identify what interests you [8:23]

  • Just start doing it [9:20]

  • If it feels like work from day one, you should go do something else [10:41]

  • “My day feels weird and incomplete if I didn’t pick up an instrument or sit down at a piano” [10:46]

  • “That dude cranked out beats, on beats, on beats, on beats before anybody had ever heard of him” [16:32]

  • Get the suck out [16:51]

  • You don’t have to end up where you start, but you do have to start somewhere [17:41]

  • Simplicity has a much higher percentage rate of victory than complication when it comes to musical parts [20:51]

  • Four chords and the truth is real [21:23]

  • Start finding your voice on your instrument [25:49]

  • Start making something [27:49]

  • Where do you find these people? [29:01]

  • Don’t be afraid to be a ringleader [30:09]

  • If you’re in high school, you’ll get more support on what you want to do, than you will ever get any other time in your life [31:43]

  • You don’t outgrow the ability to be a musician [34:33]

  • You’ll break when you’re good [35:48]

  • Eazy-E wasn’t a rapper [38:13]

  • You don’t have time for negativity in your life [39:19]

  • Don’t insulate yourself from feedback [40:09]

  • Outro [44:32]

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