Screw Your Gear

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we examine the role your gear truly plays in your business and in your career. We present some compelling arguments in support of the “less is more” philosophy, look at some out of the box ways to access the tools you need, and we discuss why waiting on the right equipment before you move forward is never the right play. 

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:12]

  • Episode Overview [0:58]

  • The Boring Company [1:57]

  • The Gear Talk [8:59]

  • Don’t have the mentality of, “I can’t get started until I have ‘x’” [9:51]

  • There is no barrier to creativity anymore [9:59]

  • Just because they have that, doesn’t mean they need that [12:56]

  • The way to have a career doing what you love is to maximize your revenue and minimize your overhead [14:30]

  • “I see all you Craigslist comandos out there” [14:47]

  • An instrument is just a tool [16:01]

  • Whatever gear you have should be insured [17:26]

  • Matt Kass [19:24]

  • Invest into developing the visual presence of your brand [22:47]

  • YouTube Drummers [23:17]

  • If people don’t know that you’re great at what you do, and don’t know that you’re out there doing it, how can they hire you? [24:06]

  • If you can be the person that saves the day in a last minute situation, you’ll never stop getting called after that day [24:54]

  • You can rent the gear you want [27:29]

  • Take advantage of your network [31:04]

  • Butch Walker [32:35]

  • People’s thinking is “Oh if they have money, they must be successful”, which is a lie [33:47]

  • Sustaining yourself at your craft trumps having what’s available and right for the song from a gear perspective [34:20]

  • Get good at using the tools that you currently have available to you [35:36]

  • Guys like Tom Brady show up to get 1% better [37:22]

  • Even people whose brand is built on partying, don’t party as much as you think they do [38:55]

  • People are going to come to you for the experience, not because of your guitar collection [41:19]

  • Gear is not bad, but if you’re using as a crutch to not hit publish, that’s bad [43:52]

  • The only limitation to not creating consistent income as a musician should only be: the content I’m creating isn’t good enough yet [45:34]

  • Outro [45:56]


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