The Importance Of Hitting Publish

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we take a look at why creating and releasing content is one of the most crucial steps you can take when building your career. We discuss the impact this has on the growth of your business, and we talk about its effects on your fulfillment as a creator and as an artist. Please enjoy this episode of The Music Stuff Show: The Importance of Hitting Publish.

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:12]

  • Episode Overview [0:59]

  • Clouds [3:28]

  • The Importance of Hitting Publish [5:50]

  • If you don’t create anything and put it out, none of the other stuff we talk about matters [6:41]

  • Why would I make anything if nobody’s there to see it? [9:43]

  • Step 1: Make something and put it out [10:47]

  • In order to survive the long play, you actually have to love what you do [13:02]

  • If you’re only goal is to be famous, don’t do music [15:10]

  • Doing anything for fame is stupid [15:58]

  • You can make infinitely more money with 1,000 people that are completely sold out on what you do, than having vanity numbers [18:55]

  • If your job is not what you want to be doing and you want to be making music, then you really don’t have freedom [25:42]

  • The dream is doing what you love and living your life how you want to every single day [27:05]

  • If you’re miserable, that’s palpable [28:04]

  • Pressing publish lets people know what you do [39:57]

  • You would be more likely to believe they’re a food blogger than a musician [41:43]

  • Don’t glorify the end goal, glorify the process [42:35]

  • You should not be more concerned about social than you are creating music [44:36]

  • Putting out content is the way you get better at putting out content [48:50]

  • Outro [49:05]


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