Why Do Good Artists Fail?

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we examine some of the reasons a promising artist might fail to succeed in the music business. We discuss some of the common setbacks like ego, fear, and the endless pursuit of perfection, all of which can easily converge to prevent those with talent from building a career doing what they love. Please enjoy this episode of The Music Stuff Show: Why Do Good Artists Fail?


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Episode Guide: (Time Adj. 1:15)

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsor [0:08]

  • Show Overview [0:51]

  • Most toilets flush in Eb [1:52]

  • Why good artists fail [3:02]

  • Gary Vaynerchuk [4:16]

  • It’s easy to fall victim to the constant asking [5:19]

  • You’re never actually giving people stuff to be fans of [6:41]

  • Do it to the best of your scale [8:17]

  • My phone shoots 4k [8:38]

  • You have to give them something new [9:37]

  • Tom’s free burrito story [10:43]

  • Continue to give to people and they’ll keep coming back [11:43]

  • Ego and counting your chickens before they hatch [12:27]

  • They lose the hunger [13:09]

  • It’s all a gift [13:32]

  • Don’t think that you’re entitled to people’s attention spans [14:32]

  • Getting hung up on stuff that does not matter [15:30]

  • There’s too many other artists putting stuff out every single Friday [17:01]

  • Some success stories never hurt anybody [21:20]

  • People (artists) don’t want to embrace the journey [22:07]

  • Stop getting hung up on perfection [23:51]

  • Do the absolute best thing you can do today [23:59]

  • Keep moving forward [24:28]

  • The pursuit of perfection will kill your progress [25:47]

  • Do more documenting than putting out a polished product [26:46]

  • They are going to be so emotionally invested in what you’re doing because you let them behind the velvet curtain [27:31]

  • What is the only reason people don’t hit publish? Fear. [27:52]

  • The only way to conquer fear is to do something [28:00]

  • You gotta get the reps in [29:44]

  • The point of it is to be a snapshot of where you were in that moment [30:01]

  • You want them to hate it enough to talk about it on the internet [31:27]

  • If they’re talking trash about you, they’re still talking about you [31:32]

  • Rebecca Black [31:48]

  • Haters are a good thing [32:40]

  • It’s actually kind of awesome when people don’t like it [35:15]

  • You’re in the business of providing something [36:59]

  • Justin Timberlake invitation [37:28]

  • Outro [37:49]


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