Why You Don't Need a Record Label

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show we talk about how with the resources available today, a record label shouldn’t be your goal. We discuss how an 18-year-old Steve Lacy produced a track on Kendrick Lamar’s newest album using only his iPhone, how The Chainsmokers created their first hits from their New York City Apartment, and how applying Kevin Kelly’s concept of 1000 true fans can help you make $100,000. Please enjoy this episode of The Music Stuff Show: Why you no longer need a record label.

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Episode Guide:

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsors [0:12]

  • Overview [0:54]

  • Thinking ‘bout bluebies [1:35]

  • Why you don’t need a record label  [2:23]

  • What is a label? [3:20]

  • If you’re starting your business to sell your business: you’ve already lost! [6:13]

  • “I don’t do this to feel cool at parties” [8:14]

  • The bowling story [8:40]

  • We are here to stimulate the middle class of music [11:42]

  • Could you be using your skills elsewhere? [12:48]

  • Everywhere you go there is music constantly being the soundtrack to our lives [13:22]

  • Tom is the number 1 online session drummer in the world [13:53]

  • Tom’s experience in building his own business in music [14:31]

  • You don’t have to be in the same room anymore to make a great record together [16:05]

  • “You’re not the best drummer in the world, but you are the number 1 ranked online session drummer in the world“ [17:04]

  • “I saw that it was an open space that I could easily rise to the top of simply by being organized, a good communicator, and being nice” [19:09]

  • You have everything you need in your pocket on your phone to make a hit record if you’re good enough [20:12]

  • Kendrick Lamar iPhone produced track [20:20]

  • You should be scouring YouTube until your eyes bleed [21:12]

  • We no longer live in a world where only one person can win [22:22]

  • Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans [23:23]

  • If you can get 1000 people out of 7 billion to spend $100 a year, you’ll make $100,000 [24:17]

  • We as people are made to make things [26:20]

  • Spend your time doing the stuff you tell people that you want to do [27:36]

  • Do not delay creating until you have “x” [29:21]

  • I know more talented people who’s

  • name you will never know because they won’t hit publish [29:46]

  • The idea of perfection is debilitating [30:28]

  • Let people be a part of your process [31:23]

  • The Terminator story [32:22]

  • Childish Gambino [33:16]

  • The Chainsmokers [35:28]

  • It’s so easy to hide behind the wall of working on a project [37:02]

  • We’re not for people trying to be famous or rich [38:42]

  • You have opportunities that are available to you [42:19]

  • There’s no excuse for not trying to create and trying to create a business around what you’re making [42:49]

  • Outro [43:16]

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