You're a Business. Act Like It.

On this episode of The Music Stuff Show, we take a look at why it is important to be business-minded in today’s musical economy. We present some tips to help you make smart business choices, avoid common pitfalls, and embrace change as you work to build a career doing what you love. Please enjoy this episode of The Music Stuff Show: You’re a Business. Act Like It.


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Episode Guide: (Time Adj: 1:14)

  • Intro [0:00]

  • Sponsors [0:13]

  • Show Overview [0:55]

  • Why pirates have eye patches [1:41]

  • You are a business whether you like it or not [2:39]

  • That is what is known as your product [3:13]

  • Music is no different than any business [3:21]

  • You need to make smart decisions if you want to do this as a career [4:57]

  • Don’t go into business with somebody that you don’t trust [6:10]

  • Make sure you have cheerleaders in your corner [6:49]

  • There’s a lot of blurred lines in music [7:35]

  • Treat it like it’s a job [8:33]

  • If your live show isn’t better than your record, you should never play a live show [9:45]

  • You have to be able to separate the emotion from the pragmatism [10:09]

  • You can’t let that friendship override good decision making [10:29]

  • Once your record is done, it’s a product [11:47]

  • If you aren’t absolutely stoked about yourself, how am I supposed to be? [13:34]

  • If you can confidently sit here and say that, “This is what I want to do for a job everyday”, you have to treat it that way. [16:55]

  • If you have time to watch Netflix, you have time to be working [17:48]

  • Our goal is to help you build a career doing what you love [19:04]

  • If you want make it a career, it’s gotta make you a living [19:38]

  • Money’s cool, but money’s a tool. Money should never been the end goal [20:51]

  • That person is never gonna cure cancer [21:27]

  • Coldplay [22:50]

  • Music is the kind of thing that people will do the same kind of thing and never change [24:11]

  • You have to listen to people and what they want if you want to sell your product [24:49]

  • If you’re hell bent on “We’re not changing who we are!”, you’re marketing to the wrong people [25:28]

  • You’re not placing the growth and the health of your business ahead of your own desire [26:23]

  • You’re making music selfishly for you [26:45]

  • How to find out where your girlfriend really wants to eat [27:54]

  • The Justin Timberlake Invitation [28:28]

  • Make sure you are investing in the growth of what you’re doing [30:33]

  • Outro [31:13]


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